Your Ultimate Guide To Chinese Business Etiquette
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  • Sara Jane Ho is Founder of Institute Sarita in Beijing and Shanghai
  • She is an etiquette columnist for the Chinese editions of WSJ & Vogue and recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Global Shaper
  • Nearly 1.5 hours of insights and tips 
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Course Overview

How do you greet your local Chinese partner?

In what order do you greet the their team?

Are you toasting properly at Chinese banquets? 

This course will give you confidence and improve your effectiveness in Chinese business and social settings.

It's especially relevant for Westerners who interact with Chinese on a business level.

Sara Jane Ho covers a comprehensive range of topics and shares tips and insights which would otherwise take you years to piece together on your own.

Sara Jane Ho, Founder, Institute Sarita

''I explain the nuances of Chinese business culture so next time you come to China you are confident, comfortable, and impress Chinese friends and partners.''

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1 Greeting & Leaving
Video course icon Introduction at formal events; handshake; bow
Video course icon Business card etiquette and making a strong first impression
Video course icon Seeing off your guest
2 Forms of Address & Titles
Video course icon First & last names; Mr, Ms and Mrs; endearing titles
Video course icon The age factor
Video course icon Inner & outer circles
3 Conversation Do's and Don'ts
Video course icon Good manners (客气); being low key and ready for personal questions
Video course icon Compliments & accepting praise
Video course icon 'No go' topics
4 Gifting Etiquette
Video course icon Preparing, presenting and opening gifts
Video course icon Safe gift recommendations
5 Business Meeting Etiquette
Video course icon Welcoming guests; entering the room
Video course icon Small talk & use of silence
Video course icon Scheduling, availability and flexibility
Video course icon Business communication & ensuring responsiveness
Video course icon Different concepts of privacy
6 Business Meals
Video course icon Importance of attending the Chinese banquet
Video course icon Toasting & drinking
Video course icon Closing the meal on the right note
Video course icon After dinner
Video course icon Standard timings for Chinese
7 Key Chinese Concepts
Video course icon 3 ways to understand 'Face' (面子)
Video course icon How Chinese view and make use of 'Guanxi' (关系)
8 Non-Verbal Communication
Video course icon Social distance
Video course icon Chinese gestures which may be confusing to Westerners
Video course icon Taboo gestures to avoid

2 Reviews

Francesca Rocca
Great video with great contents expressed in an easy way :) very very useful, almost essential, to get acquainted with the Chinese business etiquette and to do business with China. personally, I found very fascinating the use of some Chinese words and the examples that helped a lot in the understanding. Great Video, and thank you, Sara, for the interesting insights! also, thank you Prodygia for making it available :)
Michelle Fleury
This is an amazingly valuable program. Thank you for making it available worldwide!
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